FMV Vest


FMV Vest


Category: Industry

Total area: ca. 140.000 m²

Status: Partly leased, vacant

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Fredrikstad Mekaniske Verksted (FMV) delivered its first steamship in 1873. By the turn of the century, shipbuilding was a considerable part of the business. In 1909 FMV became the 7th largest employer in the country. At its peak the company employed around 2.500 men and women at the facility. Counting suppliers, the business gave work to as much as 7000-8000 people in the region. In the 1980’s the business became more focused on the offshore industry. The facility and structures on the property was constantly adapted with both permanent and temporary structures being added to accommodate the changing needs.


The FMV area represents, with its large buildings and open spaces right outside the modern city centre, a considerable resource for the city and region as a whole. The development of FMV will be of great importance to the municipality and its stakeholders in order to stay relevant and compete with other cities along Oslo Fjorden. Due to the property’s size and complexity, the development will have to happen over a considerable period of time. The functions and qualities the area will have when completed will mostly be marked driven. However, it is signalled from local authorities and the community that the area should house a variety of functions contributing to Fredrikstad’s and the regions competitiveness in the future. Because of the property’s significance and the long development period, it is important that development interests and local authorities have a consolidated vision and goal for the area.


The FMV-area is approximately 680 acres in size, and Jotne Eiendom’s share is around 140 acres. The size and seafront location near the city centre provides the area with unique qualities. The existing structures includes one of Scandinavia’s largest dry docks, large production halls and heavy duty cranes, some of which are considered important to the city’s history and identity and will be conserved in its form for new uses in the future.


FMV Vest today

FMV Vest is Jotne Eiendom’s largest development project and we seek to be a long-term investor on the project. Until development begins, the facility will continue to operate under its current industrial use.


The property includes the following facilities:

  • Dry dock (288 x 40 m), approx. 12.600 m2
  • Hall 1 (built 1950), approx. 1.400 m2
  • Hall 2 (built 1955), approx. 1.000 m2
  • Hall 3 (built 1966-68), approx. 5.000 m2
  • Div. buildings (storage, workshop, barracks etc.)
  • Assembly and storage areas: o Module area, approx. 6.000 m2 o Assembly area, approx. 5.500 m2
  • ISPS approved dock facilities: o Dock 4: 240 m o Dock 5: 90 m
  • Slipway
  • 4 heavy duty cranes around the dry dock: o Two have lifting capacity of 127 tones o Two have lifting capacity of 50 tones
  • 3 other cranes located on the property

The facility is fully operational and leased to a variety of different users and industries. The dry dock is among the largest in Northern Europe and has been used for several major construction and repair projects over the last 10-15 years. Apart from traditional shipbuilding and repair, the dock has been used for the production and assembly of fundaments for the basement/parking garage at Tjuvholmen in Oslo. The dry dock and the possibilities it creates for industrial production is an important business factor for the area until the transformation begins.