About us

Jotne Eiendom AS

Jotne Eiendom is part of the Jotne Group, which has business in a variety of different sectors although mainly within Heavy Industry, IT and Real Estate. The Jotne Group was created in 1982 as a consulting firm for engineering services within the oil and gas industry. The company has since grown organically by spin-offs into new areas, through highly competent people with initiative and openness to innovation and adaption of new technology.

Jotne Eiendom focuses primarily on the Oslo area and Østfold. The company manages, maintains and develops commercial and residential real estate in these areas. Our largest development project is a 140-acre city development project on the former FMV facility at Kråkerøy in Fredrikstad.

Our organization has considerable competencies within development, market and strategic management of portfolios. We seek value-add opportunities and generally have a long investment horizon to maximize adjusted book value over time.

The real estate company
has the following
focus areas



Planning and development of medium and large residential development projects where sustainable city- and area development is central to our strategy of long term value growth.



Development and management of new and existing office buildings with a high degree of flexibility and customization for our tenants.



Development and management of retail space at superior locations with strong focus on facilitating a successful business environment for our tenants.